Scott Riggott joined The Fremont Group as an accounting associate and property manager in May of 2011. In-house he is known as “the Formula Guy” for streamlining processes and creating reliable controls in Microsoft Excel. In the last few years, Scott has gained valuable experience in all areas of industrial and commercial real estate management. He is involved in the financing and positioning of assets, exploring new investment opportunities, assisting with construction management during tenant build-outs and improvements, as well as resolving tenant issues. Scott’s long-standing, positive relationships with Fremont’s tenants are critical to the firm’s continued success.

Scott graduated from the University of Connecticut, where he received a BS in accounting. He lives in West Hartford, CT., and is an avid indoor and outdoor volleyball player. He also enjoys hiking throughout New England and traveling with his family.


Ranked as the #1 doubles grass volleyball player by Volley America in the 2016 grand prix standings

Has traveled to both Hawaii and Alaska within a 2-year period

Became an uncle for the first time in June 2016